Category: Testimonies

Barbara D., Phx. Arizona

My daughter, who lives in New York, was diagnosed with blindness. She had completely lost her peripheral vision. When I went to one of the Freemasonry sessions dealing with the 1st Degree of Freemasonry having to do with curses on

Erin U., Chandler AZ

“My Spinal Stenosis has greatly improved since Eleanor called it out during a Group Deliverance session. The pain has dissipated and I can now lift my legs where before I couldn’t. It’s continuing to improve.” Erin U. Chandler, AZ

Pebbles B., Phx. Az

“I came to the Group Deliverance with severe pain in my chest. I left without it. ☺ ” Pebbles B. Phx. Az

Priyanka D., Phoenix Az

After my deliverance, we started experiencing great breakthrough in every way, especially spiritually and financially, things are expediting swifter like never before. There was also a breakthrough and ease in my relationship with my husband. In the financial area; we

Whitney S., Phx. Az

I have been struggling with Panic Attacks all of my life and have been in and out of hospitals for years now, but when Panic Attacks were called out of me at the Group Deliverance session, it came out of

Dalena H., Phx. AZ

When I first started coming to the meetings a year ago, my life was in a rut and I was going nowhere with my job, with my life. But as various curses have been broken off of me, wonderful doors

Priyanka D., Phx. AZ

My husband and I were experiencing marital problem since this is the first year of our marriage. Every day staying together at peace was a task, but as we started going to the meeting we experienced healing in our relationship

Jack Tesch, Phx. AZ

I had pneumonia 3 years ago and have had problems breathing ever since then. I couldn’t draw a deep breath without going into coughing. Several weeks ago when Eleanor called out upper respiratory problems and all breathing problems, it completely

Bri B. – Phx. AZ

I was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease in 2016 and was taking lots of things to try and heal it and nothing was working. Eleanor told me it was most likely connected to the Occult in the bloodline. When Eleanor took

Johna H. – Phx. Az

My 12 year old Gabriel D. has had seizures from infant on and it came down the bloodline from me, his grandmother. When it was called out during a Group Deliverance Meeting 3 months ago, he did a lot of