Dave K.

“I want to tell you I have had very bad allergies that started in 1989. They would start every year in Sept. and last until Nov. There were no pills that helped me. After you prayed in Aug. against allergies, I gave a yawn and hoped that was it. Well, I am healed because for the first time since ’89, I didn’t have any allergies this fall season, praise Jesus!”

Dave K.

Phx. Az

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  1. Trevon says:

    Jacklyn informed me of Isaiah’s birth and I’ve lit a cldane every day in prayer for him and for you. I am learning since Bob’s death, about allowing love to surround us letting fear and anxiety go .surrounding our fears with love. It is love that sustains life. I am awed by your amazing grace and know that the Spirit guides you. Someplace in northern MN a cldane burns in Isaiah’s name and yours. I’m grateful for this website to learn, to know, to pray with you.ellen leger

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