Dicksie B.

“As a result of last week’s session, when bitterness was cast out of me my knee, which had been very arthritic, was completely healed and I no longer feel any pain in the formerly painful knee. ┬áThank you Jesus”

Dicksie B.

Glendale, AZ

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  1. Vera says:

    Praise the Lord.Indeed Gods word is true and must come to pass.I was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 years ago.As a dotcor i didnt need to be told what it meant.As at that time i was single but thanks to your website,i was encouraged by the testimonies i read there,I started studying Gods word for myself and claimed Gods promises of fruitfullness.In the fullness of time,I met my husband and we both stood on Gods word and declared that we will not experience delay in childbearing after our wedding.Soon after our wedding i menstruated for over 3weeks but still kept declaring Gods promises.Praise God,a scan i did then showed perfectly normal pelvic organs,no sign of PCOS.I got pregnant about 2 weeks later n we are currently expecting the birth of our first child in about 6weeks time.Indeed he gives the barren woman a home and makes her a joyful mother of children.

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