“Dear Isaiah 61, I would like to say thank you for this last group deliverance. I have been coming to the ministry since 12/11/04. I have learned a lot from Eleanor & the ministry. I thought that the last group deliverance would be on the topic of “Reversing the Rejection Syndrome,” but instead it turned out to be the topic of “Child Abuse & its Effects”. Actually, I was hoping that Eleanor would eventually get to that topic as I knew I needed deliverance in this area among others. I suffered child abuse from 2 babysitters as a child. As a matter of fact, during that group deliverance, I remembered the second one. Prior to the deliverance, I always remembered the first babysitter and the abuse, but I, somehow, I would block out the second babysitter and the abuse out of my mind. I am sure that the continuation of this group deliverance will bring further deliverance & healing in this area. God bless you!” – Joanne

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  1. Idoh says:

    God, i don’t know what to ask for.I am just so confused..I don’t what’s hppneniag to me lately..I can’t understand myself..I don’t know who I am..I am so different from others..I am not happy anymore..even the things that made me happy earlier don’t affect me anymore..I feel sad all the time..I feel like crying for no reason at all..I have got everything n almost everyone one needs but still I feel empty..why do i feel like that? I feel low n unenthusiastic all the time..n I’m only 19..there’s no one like me..nobody knows what I feel this way coz on the outside I’m just like everyone..I feel worthless God..I feel like I’m of no use at all..I used to be a bright student Lord & now I feel so dumb..I know I am dumb..I hate myself..I am the worst person in this world i know..n i feel like crying but at the same time I feel emotionless nothing affects me..I feel like I hate people..yes i hate them..I only like a few of them n i love u Lord..but then I’ve been so bad..n I continue doing that..can u love someone like me Lord? I miss u so much God..n I miss my dad too..neither of u ever talk to me..even in my dreams..I know my dad must be hurt with what I have become..but I’m sure I wouldn’t have been like this had he been alive..there’s no reason to live Lord except for my mum n sis..what do I do God? I know I am bad to u too.I remember u ONLY when I need u..but God u have to know that i LOVE least i think so..n I believe u n only u..God I have nothing to ask for..actually I don’t know what to ask for..I just wanted to share this with u..I am lazy to even pray to this was easy..just don’t hate me Lord..n God plz make me meet Sander in this life..I know it’s impossible but not for u .God please heal my sickness too..i need to live for my mum(as soon as I want to end,there’s so many things that’s coming into my mind to ask for:P)..thank u for everything Lord..thank u for BEING there..I love u Lord..n I wish u loved me too:'(