Kay R.

“Everytime we go to one of the Isaiah meetings, my husband and I get along so much better.”
Kay R.
Glendale, AZ
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  1. Chris H. says:

    I was kidnapped as a child for a couple of years. I had what I thought were my own thoughts because that’s what I thought was telling me that I was no good, not normal, everything that happened was my own fault, and I would have panic attacks for no reason where my heart would pound uncontrollably even though I was sitting still. When I went to a Isaiah 61 Ministries a demon had left me yelling, I had no control over my body but I was not yelling, it was a demon. When it left I had an instant revelation, you have nothing to be ashamed of, this was not your fault, and no more attacks. Thank you Pastor Eleanor, and your staff.