“My name is Kelly and I came to Isaiah 61 Ministries for the lst time last week, bought Rev. Eleanor’s book “Restoring the Broken Walls of Past Generations” and as I read it in the succeeding days, I found all kinds of things that needed to be broken off my daughter who has a great prophetic anointing but also had a lot of rebellion in her.  As I broke those things off of her, we are no longer having conflict and I also cleansed my house of all kinds of things and everything is turning around for me.  The devil is not going to have my life or my daughter’s life.  I am determined to rise up and do battle as the book encourages.”


Phx. AZ

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  1. Junichi says:

    Hello Dan & Barbara, I just found your site, and just listened to yedatrsey morning sermon, read by Dan. It is really great to be able to listen to these. Thank you so much for making this possible. Keep up the good work! Love & God bless Chris & Irene

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