Laurelle C.

Laurelle C. was just healed of Insomnia that she’s had all of her life, ever since she was a little girl. The Holy Spirit showed Rev. Eleanor that she was molested when she was 3 years old and that’s when a Fear of Falling Asleep spirit entered into her, and has tormented her all of her life. She’s never been able to sleep without taking some kind of sleep aides. After healing the little girl, the unclean spirits of Insomnia, Fear of Falling Asleep, Sleep Disorder, Nighttime Torment and Sleep Deprivation were cast out, and Hallelujah – for the first time in her life she is able to sleep soundly and peacefully!

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  1. Charanza says:

    We both had got good jobs and life was starting form for us a coulpeTestimony of my journey, and how I came to know Christ as my savior and why I want to learn more and live my life as a believer and follower. We moved to Gastonia in 2002 after we got married. This was our first house, a fresh beginning on coming into adulthood. After living here for a few months, we decided to start going to church. This to us was the “family thing to do.” We would go off and on and basically lived our life as the “Sunday morning Christian.” We would receive a great message while being there, but left it at the door when we left.In 2003, after 1 abortion, and 1 miscarriage, we were blessed to be pregnant again. At our 4 month ultrasound we found out something was going o be wrong with our child. This is when we started to change a little more as far as our faith would go. We would pray, and believe that God had a plan and we would allow him to continue with it. Well long story short, he is here and we are blessed by God every day that he awakes! As this started out to not be the story the Drs. Were telling us.Fast forward….the years went on, we started a business, had another child, life was good! In the meantime we spiritually were falling! As believers, as a family, and as a marriage! We went from making over $100,000 personally and the business making $1 M, to barely making $45,000! We went from having extravagant vacations, to noon at all. We went from successful, to barely making it.This is where my testimony in coming to know Christ and the burning desire to know him on in intimate level begins! Within 1 year, we had customers backing out of contracts for work already completed, our kids were becoming sassier, there was little intimacy for my marriage (not just physically but spiritually as well!), no conversations, no sweet kisses, no special phone calls, nothing! It seemed like it was gone as soon as it came. I started going back to the clubs and drinking with my so-called “girlfriends”. I would make excuses of why I didn’t have to get up and read my bible or pray. Why I couldn’t make it on time to church, but at the same time could make it for breakfast at IHOP or the flea market! Things seem like they were falling apart, but we never really noticed it…we just were along for the ride and dealt with it as “part of family life.” If you life is like this, please believe me that God truly does not have this in his plan! He only wants the best for us….He lets us fall, as it is our decision to live Christ like or not! Yes, he does let us go through trials, but we have to have our personal testimony so we can lead our lost brothers/sisters to have the same love for Christ as we do!Just last year, the most horrifying moment that has ever happened to me did. I found a text on my husband’s phone and I thought at that moment my world was crumbling in on me. Never the one to speak about my lifestyle, I felt the need that this was too big for me to handle, so I called upon my best friend. After leaving her heart felt voicemails for 2 days and no replies (thank you Jesus!), I thought I was doomed, and so was my marriage. I knew in my heart that I loved this man so deeply, and how could he ever see another women they way he seen me. I decided to give my faith another try. I called upon God to help me. If anyone would know and keep secrets it would be him. I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to help alleviate this pain inside my heart. And he did just that and more! Every time I felt my throat close up or the ache in my heart or the tears streaming down my face, no matter what I was doing, I would start praying. I have NEVER and God be willing I will NEVER feel that same type of pain again. I knew we were both willing to overcome this rock that was thrown.That week we went to the Christian bookstore to find some self-help books. After reading3 and all saying to call upon your pastor, we thought…ok…here it is, and we did just that! In agreement and after remembering how wonderful New Covenant was to us when we attended in the past, we looked up the church’s information. Pastor John came over the same day we attended service on that Sunday. He knew this was a serious issue and we thank God for his timeliness. He had to say that if we truly love each other, time will heal, but we definitely need to put God back into our lives. And that is just we both have done.This is where the transformation starts to begin: We have attended services every Sunday and Wednesday since (unless we were out of town). We both have joined into giving our time, Moises is an usher, and I work the coffee shop and started helping Helen in the toddler room.I went from making excuses on why I didn’t have time to pray, or go to church, witness to others, to making sure nothing interferes with my worshiping time! I went from barely waking @7:00 and starting my day on a whim, to getting up @ 6:00 and praying, journaling, bible studying and reading spiritual books. I will literally have a bad day if this is not done!I went from a marriage that was almost over, to God showing us both exactly why we should stay together and for me to forgive him. God has forgiven me, so why should I not forgive him? I went from clubbing and drinking until blackouts on Saturdays until the wee hours of the morning, to using this time to be with my family or just enjoying the warm embrace of my husband as we watch a movie together.I went from brokenhearted and depressed to having a desire so great, that I am excited about the next step God has waiting for me. We went from owing the IRS and credit card companies over $80,000 to being completely free of that debt in just a few months!If anyone has had a walk, if definitely has been me. I always wondered why I went through what I did or why I was even here on this earth. But as I look around, I truly see the positive things that have and is going to happen. I went through a lot of things in my short life time, some good, some bad, but in itself…I don’t blame anything on anyone and take it as a testimony that I can share with another. I defiantly think God for being patient as he waited for me to start “peeling my layers” as Pastor John would say.I do believe that with all my heart, all that I have is truly because of God. Without him, I would be still stuck in the dark, evil world that surrounds each and everyone one of us. Thanks be to God for showing me that there really is a burning feeling that goes on in someone’s heart. As I once thought of one being crazy when mentioned. If they had it, why didn’t I? That was my thought…but you can too….Ask and you shall receive…knock and the door will be opened!Thank you to everyone in the congregation to listen to my testimony and sorry to my family as this is the first time you are hearing about it. Everyone has their issues, some try and keep them in (this is what the devil want), but mine is now out on the table (Thank you JESUS!). I can now move on into the next of my steps that God has for me.January 31, 2011Patricia Castellon