Our meetings are held at Deer Valley Worship Center, 20817 N. 19th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85027. The church is located just north of the 101 on the right hand side as you head north. If you’ve reached Rose Garden, you’ve gone too far. It is right before Rose Garden.

On Thursday, November 8th, 2018, Part IV of the Group Deliverance on Identifying Curses

On Thursday, November 15th, 2018, Part V of the Group Deliverance on Identifying Curses

**We will be off the week of Thanksgiving

On Thursday November 29th, 2018, Part VI of the Group Deliverance on Identifying Curses

In this series we will be dealing with perversion in the bloodline that is affecting every area of your life. Perversion is defined as a turning away from what is good or morally right, diverting to a wrong end or purpose, misdirecting; stubbornness or obstinancy to what is right.

Some of the forms of perversion that bring curse on mankind are: 1. Sexual perversions and I won’t name them all, just a few, incest, adultery, homosexuality, etc; 2. Financial perversion, which includes the misuse of money, unjust gain, cheating, gambling, etc. 3. Religious perversion – worship of idols, idolatry, etc. 4. Spiritual perversion – witchcraft, spiritism, etc. 5. Behavioral perversion – pride, rebellion, mistreating others, abuse, etc. 6. Familial perversion – perversion of the family order – Ahab and Jezebel spirits; 7. Perverse speech – lying, cussing, etc.

These curses open the door for the spirit of destruction to work – destruction of the mind – mental illness, confusion, schizophrenia; Destruction of the finances, work problems, unexpected bills, car breakdowns, etc. Also there’s housing problems and problems on the job.

There’s also destruction of the body with chronic sickness and diseases; Female Problems;

We will be dealing with all of these and much more at length, to bring healing into your lives and your bloodline.

Meetings start promptly at 6:30 p.m.

If your Church would like to hold the following Isaiah 61 Conference, please contact Rev. Eleanor at 480-231-6375 or by email.

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