Mellody K.

Mellody K.

I went to the Deliverance Conference yesterday and God has healed me from Reynauds disease. On Friday when I came, I could not sit in the pew for two hours without my legs feeling numb. On Saturday after being healed from ancestral curses in the morning, I had no problem sitting in the pew all afternoon. Even when I got home, I usually sit in the recliner with my legs up but this time I did not need to. Praise The Lord

Also my daughter Rachel was healed of digestive disorder she’s had as the generational curses were broken off of her and she can now eat everything.

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  1. Raja says:

    So beautiful, so hornoing, so powerful, so faithful, so great, so moved, so victorious, so devoted,that is real love of God . It has been a while to see this kind of testimony recently. Still, somewhere around us, there are individuals to be honorable and faithful to God and the loved ones. So there is hope .

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