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How good and great the Lord is! My husband and I attended the November conference really by accident. We had been looking for a deliverance conference to attend and when I looked up online the Isaiah 61 ministry conference I instantly knew we were to be apart of it. However, I had looked up the wrong one! My husband in fact had been talking about a different conference going on in Phoenix at the same time! But I knew that I did not mistakenly come across this ministry and we faithfully attended.

We are honored to be a part of the righteousness and truth flowing from this ministry! We had divine understanding of curses and the demonic realm, but needed them to be broken! Praise God for this ministry fulfilling it’s calling to set the captives free! My husband and I are were both set free from generational curses and bondage in sin including; alcoholism, addiction, lust, poverty, etc. and the tormented thoughts that encompass this bondage. Thank you Heavenly Father!

We traveled to Phoenix from Minneapolis and after the conference was over on Saturday night, around 1am our daughter broke out in a 104 degree fever and could not breathe because she felt as if someone was choking her. We immediately starting praying and commanding the demonic realm to line up with the Word of God! On Sunday I spoke with Eleanor and she prayed off the rest of the occult spirit. My daughter was set free from the chocking sensation immediately! I believe this was a scare tactic from the devil – BUT God is raising up WARRIORS!!!

Again, on Sunday our youngest son started to act out inappropriately – in a sexual way that he has never done before. We were dealing with our daughter’s attack and then this came up. I called Eleanor on Monday after returning to MN and she prayed against the generational curse and sin of lust and unclean spirits and my son has resumed his normal ways. Praise God we refused to allow the demonic entities to have a place in the lives of our children! It seemed that all heck was breaking out when we came to Phoenix, but the Lord was in the midst protecting us and our children!

Thank you Isaiah 61 ministries. We know the calling on our lives is Luke 10. The Lord has opened my eyes and heart in a rapid way since my deliverance and I am clearly and confidently hearing His voice again. We are to be partnered with this ministry in a unique way and I thank you Holy Spirit for divine appointments!

Lastly, deliverance is a spiritual experience that people long for. However, they don’t realize this longing until they’ve experienced it. When people have a divine encounter with God they want more divine encounters with Him – and the enemy of our souls knows this and wants to keep us from having a more intimate relationship with God. Deliverance is for every Christian! Embrace this opportunity to be free!!!!!!!


Rafe & Tracy

Minneapolis, MN

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  1. Ganesh says:

    There is a difference beeewtn prosperity, the fruit of diligence working under God’s blessing by the direct involvment of the Holy Spirit and the prosperity gospel, which mixes the truth of Jesus with the greed-fruit of the spirit of this age.Paul considered those who preached the gospel out of an improper attitude to be nothing to worry about; since the gospel was being preached, he was thankful. He must have known something of what they were saying clearly spoke the revelation of Jesus or he would have stated a clear warning.The prosperity gospel hides the truth and therefore is deadly in a spiritual sense. It is not about man redeemed to communion with God and then reflecting Him. It is about get what you can out of the Cash-register god, whom they claim is named Jesus. This teaching, in my opinion, declares what is good, bad and what is bad as good. Hatred may be the wrong word for describing being totally and honestly against something, but it is an understandable human response when one counts the cost to human life of turning Jesus into a literal golden cow.We are in a quandary in this day and time over how to extend acceptance and love for anyone regardless of their value system, while standing against the spirit of the anti-christ. It may be that if we learned through the Holy Spirit how to identify the spirit afflicting a human, we would be better able to love the human while exposing the false god. Just another plug for Christians to leave trusting in religion and become those who seek and know the in-dwelling Christ more fully. ;^)In the mean time, it seems prudent (and, yes, I may be wrong, so help me sort this out) to be willing and able to expose anything used as a descriptor of the Gospel as suspect. Are we charismatic Christians, systematic theology Christians, holiness Christians, social gospel , fundamental gospel , orthodox gospel , ad infinitum. The Gospel of Jesus Christ needs no qualifying adjectives or other delineating modifiers. It stands on its own as the Truth.