Paulita T. – Glendale, AZ

My daughter, Julianna, has been struggling with anxiety since she was a little girl. .Almost exactly one year ago the anxiety got the better of her and she ended up being admitted to a psych hospital in downtown Phoenix.  She

Brigette M. – Scottsdale, AZ

When Eleanor found out I had been bedridden for a week with chronic bronchitis and pneumonia with a high fever, she told me to call her, which I did.  I was barely able to talk and was coughing in what

Betty L. – Phoenix, AZ

Ever since the deliverance on Diabetes and neuropathy about 3 weeks ago, I can honestly say I am healed.  I have a long family history of diabetes in my family.  My father, brother, sister and nephew all died of complications

Cynthia G. – Mesa, AZ

I was completely healed of neuropathy when it was called out. Cynthia G. Mesa, AZ

Janet – Mesa, AZ

I was completely healed of bladder problems – extreme pain and incontinence, when it was called out and I am so grateful for this ministry and to God. Janet Mesa, AZ

Emilio – Mesa, AZ

My dad, also named Emilio, who is 87 years old drove 4 hours to come to the meeting with me.  He’s had all kinds of health issues and has a pacemaker.  But when Rev. Eleanor called out Diabetes, he was

Emilio – Mesa, AZ

When Rev. Eleanor was calling out Neuropathy, I felt extreme heat and pain in my feet as it was coming out and I’m now healed from it.  It is completely gone. Emilio Mesa, AZ

Melissa – Cottonwood, AZ

I got healed from severe diabetes that I had after going through the Group Deliverance where diabetes was called out.  I had very strong manifestations as it was coming out and I went to my doctor the week following and

Marilyn Mance

“12 years ago Eleanor broke the curse of Asthma over me and it has NEVER returned.  I am still completely healed and able to do everything, Praise God!” Marilyn Mance Phx. AZ

Julianna Thomas

“My Mom took me to the Doctor and he said my  pre-diabetic condition was completely healed, as well as the thyroid problem I had AND my  Scoliosis is completely healed and gone as well.  Those were all things that were